Lead Conversion Training

Lead Conversion Sales Training- Bringing the digital user experience into your business


Online to Offline lead conversion training- Lead Conversion Sales Training

What happens when a digital lead reaches out to your location?  One of the most important and often underprioritized training opportunities is to help your team guide a digital user convert to the store experience.  This is the “online” to “offline” lead conversion training.  Let’s say you have invested in some great digital marketing, your are collecting great contact requests, engagement in your website is high, etc.  The website user is on a high, motivated by their great online user experience.  Now they reach out to the location.  Their “contact me” page goes unanswered.  Their call goes on hold.  Their email request perhaps receives an acknowledgement response email with no final solution or outreach.  You have officially wasted all of those digital marketing dollars simply because we did not train our team to convert that lead.

The team at Estrella Digital have worked with several CRM programs, established business development centers and have trained teams to strengthen their lead conversion skills.  We help create the process necessary for all requests to be answered in an acceptable time frame using trained conversations that keep that online user engaged.  We will help your team improve their skills and increase the number digital leads that convert to sales.

We will meet with senior leadership to assess the program priorities and establish expectations.  Then we work with front-line leadership to learn engagement challenges and proficiencies.  We than meet with the sales team that will be responsible for putting the skills to action, gather their feedback and present a report to leadership so that a training program can be put in place that will build sales skills and improve overall lead conversion performance.  The training will be in the form of a one-day interactive workshop, followed by a minimum of two, one-hour Refresher and Retention training sessions.

Estrella Digital understands the value of a digital media campaign and provides valuable marketing resources that go beyond the campaign execution.  We will provide solutions that are specific, measurable, and get results.

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