Social Media Marketing

Are my Social Media Posts making me money?

It is our number one place to stay connected to friends and family, events and news.  Most companies use Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to create awareness and interest in their brand or message.  The challenge for most business owners is the amount of time spent in creating an engaging message and, even more challenging, sending it to the right audience.  If you are like most advertisers, you do your best to maintain an active social presence, perhaps even delegating the social media activity to an already fully-burdened employee.  Social Media for Business must be managed weekly and measured beyond “Likes” and “Shares”.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you rate your Social Media efforts.


  • Do we have a specific posting schedule?
  • How are we targeting our audience?
  • Does the message we send out match that audience?
  • How are we measuring our results?
  • How are we using Social Media to increase business?
  • What is my average customer worth and what do I spend in advertising per customer, every month, to bring them to my business?
  • Am I happy with my Social Media results?


Take a moment to consider these questions.  If you have difficulty answering them, or, are not happy with what you learn, contact us today.  Estrella Digital will work within your budget and provide you with a simple but comprehensive solution that will let you get back to doing what you do best- growing your business!



Key Targets to Measure Social Media Marketing

  • Increased web traffic
  • Click Through Rate
  • Call to Actions
  • Landing Pages


If you are struggling with any of these, or, if any of these are new to you, we can help!

Pay Per Click Ads

PPC Services in McAllen Texas and the Surrounding Area

How do I know if my Google Ads are building new business?

Essentially you create an ad that appears in a search result (Google) that appears like your natural search result.  You bid against others that want the top three spots on the first page and, those with the closest match to the search request, and highest bid, win the top position on the search engine results page.  95% of search clicks go to the top 4 results.  80% of all online searches go through Google.  When a searcher clicks on your ad listing, you will pay a small fee for the “Click-Through” sending them to your website.  The key to an effective and efficient PPC campaign is combining the best search keywords your potential customers are using to find you with the best-looking ad listing.  For best results, the page they click through must also provide the user with a seamless and effective experience.  The closer the content matches their search, the higher chance they will spend more time on your site and engage with your sales team.

Several tools are available to help you find the best keywords and develop effective strategies to find and retain your potential customers.  The keywords are the word and phrase combinations the searcher uses to try and find what they are looking for.  An effective PPC campaign combines the best keywords, ad descriptions, landing page content and interactive remarketing to find and retain web users that can potentially help you build your business.

Estrella Digital Media in McAllen Texas, can help you build your PPC plan based upon your goals and customer types. We will go beyond “Views” or “Impressions” to focus on turning views into leads and sales.  We will match the right message to the right audience, using Google Ads, Display Ads, or Shopping Ads and list them at the right time.  We will ensure your ad dollars are scrutinized to provide a return on your ad investment. Read the difference between SEO and PPC.
We are your best choice for an online marketing agency. We are a Digital Marketing Agency that can help you rank!

Looking for Digital Marketing Services for your business? Estrella Digital in McAllen can help your business be seen! We offer a wide selection of services for all businesses in McAllen and the surrounding area! Contact us now!